Not many of you know, that I first purchased Clinique products years before I started working with them. I went on holidays and my skin became out of control, from a mix of all the chlorinated water in the pool and a reaction to sunscreen, so I had to quickly purchase an entire range of skincare to attempt to get my skin back to it's hydrated self. Enter Clinique! Not only did it have the prettiest packaging, their products were easy to figure out, if it said moisture, it was exactly that, and cost effective, yes it was, especially when purchasing the whole range. I remember purchasing the Liquid Facial Soap, Dramatically Different Moisturiser and the Even Better Makeup and my skin instantly improved and not only went back to it's normal self, but went beyond that and my skin had never been happier. 


Fast forward a few years, and now I work with Clinique, regularly testing out their new products, and let me tell you, the products get better and better every time. 

I decided to share my top Clinique products with you all, the products I use time and time again, and go through bottle after bottle, which I'm sure you can see because half these products are already half empty again.

When it comes to skincare, always go supercharged! The Moisture Surge - Extended Thirst Relief is my choice for moisturiser, a hit of moisture to keep your skin feeling fresh, without that tacky feeling you get from most gel moisturisers. For bright eyes, the Pep Start Eye Cream is incredible for reducing puffiness and under eye darkness.

With the perfect hydrated base, the Even Better Glow Light Reflecting Makeup sits perfectly and creates a foolproof dewy look. I love dewy skin that glows and shimmers in the light, so this foundation is my secret to dewy skin every day. 

When it comes to makeup, Clinique just has the best range that is so easy to apply, and gives you skin that looks like skin. I always add a touch of Cheek Pop in Peach pop to the high points of my cheeks and end of my nose to give a gorgeous sun kissed glow, and also match where my skins normal redness is. A slick of Just Browsing Brush-On-Styling Mousse to your eyebrows and High Impact Lash Elevating Mascara to your lashes and you're ready to head out the door. If like me, you like to change up your look day to day, but also don't have the skills to do a perfect winged liner, then High Impact Custom Black Kajal is your new favourite. It glides on so easily, but if you smudge it accidentally or on purpose, it becomes the perfect smoky look.

When it comes to taking off your makeup, Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm is my go-to and has been for over a year. It is super creamy and light, but still has the power to take off all of your makeup in one wash, without being too intense or drying, like some foam cleansers are.

For night time, the Superdefense Night Recovery Moisturizer is just so so good, you won't need anything else to recharge your skin over night and for the perfect overnight pout, I use the Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask religiously to keep my lips hydrated, it is a lifesaver in Winter.


Post supported by my Clinique parternship.