New York, New York. Where else in the world, would you want to be? It is honestly one of the greatest, most creative and inspirational cities in the world. I'm sure since the last time I visited, many places have popped up, changed or disappeared, so I've done a bit of research on this one and added in a few spots that I am yet to visit, but are on my list.

Tip number 1 for NY, if you have the time, spend half your stay around Times Square and the other half around Soho, it will cut out so much travel time and you'll be able to cover more ground throughout your trip. 

Tip number 2, walk everywhere! There is a lot of ground to cover, but NYC is busy and the traffic is bad, so walking is the way to go, plus you get to actually come across the best hidden bars, restaurants and store. Take a walk to the Guggenheim, but cut through Central Park to get there, apart from the zoo, pending the season, there could be ice skating and other events happening. Another walking track is the Highline, in Soho, a 2km park built on an old train line and perched two stories up it runs from West Village to the Meat Packing District and passes the iconic DVF printed flagship store, The Standard Hotel which is perfect for a drink and Elizabeth Street Garden for the perfect picnic spot or coffee. Great coffee is absolutely everywhere, thanks to the Australian's heading over, so avoid Starbucks and head to Ruby's in the Lower East Side instead.

NYC is incredible for food and eating out, the Meat Packing District is definitely still my favourite spot to find hidden bars and restaurants, hidden behind curtains and small doorways. Jay Z's restaurant in West Village, The Spotted Pig, is a must do along with Baci e Vendetta on 131 Avenue for burgers and fries.

For insta-worthy brunches, head to Officina in Nolita, Cafe Clover and Grocery on Downing Street is incredible for Health Food and food focused on pure and simple ingredients and The Good Sort on Doyers for rainbow vegan tea's. You must also try the Pistachio doughnut's and lattes at Cafe Integral on Elizabeth Street and for high tea, Bergdorf Goodman’s overlooking Central Park East is the place to be.

NYC is the place to be, the hub of Department Store shopping, and fab food, New York is always on the go so be prepared for a busy trip away and make sure you take your comfy yet fashionable of course, shoes for all the walking.


PLAYSUIT: Supre (similar here)| BOMBER: Soft Satin Bomber | TIGHTSAmbra Tights | SHOES: Abaala Heel 

Imagery by Ash Craig