I posed the question to you all of what would you like to see on Felix & Scott, and alot of you wanted beauty posts and my basic go-to products for everyday. So finally, here are the answers to your questions, and of course if you have any more, comment them below.


What is your secret to clear skin?
Lots and lots of water is my key to clear skin, especially as I fly five days a week, keeping hydrated is the base for perfect skin.

What three products can't you live without?
Moisturiser is my must have, I cannot leave my skin without it. The Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream is my go to for everyday and is just so luscious and creamy. I always apply a sunscreen and was obsessed with Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face spray sunscreen, which I've heard they're updating the formula and relaunching soon, so a similar product is their To Save Face Sunscreen. It's so hard to pick a third, but Dior Addict Lip Glow balm, I use it every day to hydrate, smooth, highlight your natural colour and apply a sheen as well, it's the perfect all over.

What is in your makeup bag?
Firstly, I need a new makeup bag so if anyone is out there with an awesome heavy duty cosmetic bag, then let me know. For foundation, I go between a few, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation No 5 for it's buildable coverage and silky finish, is my all time fave, but I also love Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in 4.5 Fair and Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint in Nude. Hourglass bronzer and blush is my all time go to but I love to swap it out with NARS Geniah and Super Orgasm occasionally for nights out. I love a bronze eyeshadow and have a million palettes so I'm always using something different, top it off with Model Co Fat Lash, Dior Pro Fix it in Yellow (I don't like the texture of concealer, so a colour corrector is incredible). For brows I touch them up with Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Soft Brunette and go over with a Brow Gel in dark brown or clear, I use cheaper ones that I pick up from Priceline.

How do you apply your products?
I'm a brush girl, so the Mecca limited edition brushes are my favourites and they're super pretty in gold. For anything extra like eyeliner or eyeshadow brushes I look out for the limited edition MAC Cosmetics collections and purchase the sets.

With flying so much, do you have to change your skin routine?
Yes! I always need to change up my routine for flying, I stopped using concealer, I don't set my foundation with a powder, I always stick to creamy products and have added Mecca All Set Illuminating Mist to my routine. Lanolips Everyday Hand Balm, Lemonaid Lip Treatment and 101 Ointment are my saviours and I am constantly applying and reapplying. If I'm travelling overseas as a passenger, I always take all my makeup off, apply a serum, moisturiser and top up with rose mists during the flight. When it comes to sleeping in hotels, I love to spray This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on my pillows and without a doubt, even in a hotel, I will sleep through the night.

How do achieve the perfect base?
A tone of face cream! I am obsessed with so many different creams and love applying everything, but after reading Amazinger Face by Zoe Foster-Blake I learnt how to layer effectively so that your skin is actually absorbing the ingredients you want it to. I start with clean skin, apply an eye cream, I love Bare Minerals Future Renew Eye Cream, which I pat underneath my eyes. To the rest of my face in upwards motions, I apply Philosophy Time in a Bottle Daily Serum which is full of Vitamin C8 which my skin loves as it blocks out environmental pollution. To moisturise I use The Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream or I do love Bare Minerals Butter Drench. I always finish off with Philosophy Brighten My Day Brightening Essence to give my skin a luminous finish and my foundation always sits perfectly on top.

When it comes to your beauty routine, what do you do morning and night?
For morning I do the above everyday and then if I'm heading out, I'll just pop my makeup over the top. At night, I always cleanse with Korres White Tea Facial Gel Cleanser and then over clean skin I'll use Go-To Face Oil to add extra hydration for my skin. Once a week I'll do a scrub with Frank Bod Creamy Face Scrub and I also love to do a mask once a week which I use sheet masks I have stockpiled from Korea.

What are the secrets to your hair?
My hair is something everyone always asks about, and I don't actually do much at all! I use either MAKE Voluminous or MAKE Blonde, Shampoo and Conditioner when I wash my hair, once a fortnight, I use De Lorenzo Absolute Deep Cleanser Shampoo just to get rid of built up styling product and once every three weeks I use De Lorenzo Equilibrium Deep Repair Treatment. After I've washed my hair if I'm not blow drying, I'll brush it out and put a small amount of Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It and leave to air dry. If I'm blowdrying (which is rarely, and normally when I've decided to wash my hair an hour before leaving for an event) I'll use Bumble and Bumble Primer and I have a few various products for waves or curls that I occasionally put in as well depending on the look I want, I'll blow-dry my fringe and hair pretty rough and wavy (normally upside down), use the straightener on my fridge, then blow-dry it around a round brush to smooth it out. My secret product is Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam and I cannot go without De Lorenzo Sandstorm, it is the best product you will ever buy.

What body products do you use?
When it comes to body products, I keep it quite simple and stick to products that work for all over. I fly five days a week and spend at least two nights a week in hotels, so I always have Epsom Salts in my overnight bag to soak in when I get in late, to soothe my muscles and reduce puffiness from the my day in the sky. I use Frank Bod Coffee Scrub to remove dead skin cells and always buff my skin pre tan and post laser, before moisturising with Korres Santorini Body Milk, which is extremely hydrating and smells incredible. When it comes to my décolletage, I always use my face creams to extend down my neck and onto my décolletage as the skin isn't as resilient as the rest of your body.

How do you achieve the perfect tan?
Following on from a good scrub, I love foams and stick to black or purple based tans for a European glow. Using a mit, I apply all over, and leave on for as long as I can as it evens out my rushed application. Generally I go to work with it on for around 8 hours, rinse off when I come home and moisturise straight away. If I want to deepen the tan I use the same foam over the top in the same way the next day.


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