Los Angeles, is one of the coolest places in the world and noone can say otherwise, but it has quickly become a home away from home for me. It has such a Sydney vibe, except everything goes and everyone is someone.

No matter where I am in the world, airbnb is always my go to, it is the first thing I look at before heading overseas and LA is no different. Find an airbnb around Hollywood, if it has a car space even better, because LA is for driving so a hire car is a must. Staying near Hollywood means you're central to LA and no matter where you drive, you're relatively close to most places. When it comes to shopping, the Hollywood strip, department stores, Rodeo Drive and Abbot Kinney Blvd are your go to's, you'll spend hours in makeup stores trust me, but head to the Hourglass flagship on Abbot Kinney and purchase their entire collection for a fraction of what we would pay here in Australia.

LA isn't special for it's shopping, it's the lifestyle and the food. Have brunch at the Ivy (must book) and ask for an outside table, you'll receive champagne on arrival, take a box of cookies with you and it is the best place to celebrity spot, Rick Kids of BH, Real Housewives and all your top models and influencers. Everytime I visit I always pop over to Michael Kors across the road and pick up either a new bag, jacket or a watch, because MK is America and the quality is impeccable. Alfred Coffee House is a must for a proper coffee and the decor rivals anything you'd find in Melbourne, they have also recently opening Alfred Tea House which is basically instagram goals. 

In a day, you must visit the LACMA, but head to Egg Slut at the Central Market first thing in the morning for an egg and bacon roll, wander around the markets and pick up some incredible food. Next stop the LACMA, see whats on before you go, because you can always purchase tickets to the travelling exhibition if it is something you'd love to see, I've seen some of the best Architectural Exhibitions there. For lunch walk straight across the road and test out the Food Trucks, they're the best Trucks you'll find in LA, especially the Japanese Taco's and Bao. For drinks SUR is always an option if like me you're a fan of Vanderpump Rules, but honestly I love Pump more, everyone is crazy, everyone is cool and everyone is fabulous. The Roosevelt is also a great spot for social drinks, it is a place you can go by yourself and leave surrounded by a newly made group of friends. For dinner Republique, Bone Kettle and Jon & Vinnys are some of my favourites.

Beverly Hills Hotel, is a must see, even just for the sign outside, so grab a Hollywood Stars map, pick your favourite celebrities and go for a drive up to the Hollywood sign and down past celebrity houses before you end up at the iconic pink and palm tree covered Beverly Hills Hotel for a quick drink. From there, drive down Rodeo Drive to the Chanel Building and Designer stores.

If you have time, Venice Beach is not just a tourist destination, it is actually a tonne of fun, so rent an airbnb and pick up a bike, you won't look back. There is just so much to see and so much always happening that afternoons spent on your balcony and watching the people walk past will be the highlight of your trip. As the sun sets, take your bike up to Santa Monica and have a few drinks at The Bungalow, the coolest spot in Santa Monica, with Table Tennis and Pool tables in a converted cottage.

Los Angeles has so much to see and do, it's such a laid-back place, no matter how crazy or out there the people or places are, everyone lives at their own pace, has a coffee in hand and spends a tonne of time commuting, just like Sydney. You can be next to your favourite stars and celebrities, and it just seems normal.


TOP: Lace long sleeve (similar here)| SKIRTSupre (similar here) JACKET: Supre (similar here) | TOTE: Table Tonic Jute Shopper SHOES: Abaala Heel 

Imagery by Ash Craig