Winter is hibernation time and if you're anything like me, that means rushing home to snuggle up on the couch for the night. But we forget how important it is to be outside and in the sunshine, when there really just isn't much sun around. When it comes to your skin, one thing I learnt pretty quickly was how much air conditioning ruins your skin and I learnt it the hard way by being in recirculated air all day on an aircraft, and spending the night in a hotel with air conditioning that can't be changed. I would wake up like a dried sponge, and my skin would itch and sting for the rest of the day. From then on I always took a face mist to work to help moisturise my skin throughout the day, and no matter how cold or hot it is at night, I always leave a window open just to give me some air.


I've decided to share my top tips on combating winter skin with you below, and trust me this comes from someone with dry skin on a good day.

ONE: Drinking water is essential to combat Winter, just as much as it is to stay hydrated in Summer, and by kickstarting your day with a glass of warm water and lemon, your skin will be glowing, no matter how pale it becomes without the sun. 

TWO: Avoid your regular comfort food, and take up the right type of comfort food, fatty acids and omega 3 from fish and tofu. When I make stir fry's or curry, I swap out chicken for fish, so that I still get that warmth and comfort from something soupy. When it comes to salads, I swap out the crisp veggies like cucumber, and instead I add silken tofu, toasted almonds and roast carrots.

THREE: When it comes to your sweet teeth, ice blocks and fruit seem to go out the window and instead we reach for warm and creamy desserts. Now is the time to just change up your fruit routine and poach some pears to have with greek yoghurt and cinnamon, you still get something that warms you up inside, but it's a lot better for you than anything carb loaded would be.

FOUR: We always find it so much easier to sleep in Winter, but that keeps us in bed for a little while longer than we should be, to keep your sheets feeling fresh and your sinus ways clear from cold, essential oils work wonders and depending on your mood or need you can select the scent you like. For winter I find peppermint works wonders when combating an oncoming cold, and amber for a good nights sleep. I also love to give my face a little tlc every so often and add a couple drops of essential oil to a sink full of boiling water, lean your face over the sink and place a towel over your head just enough so that your feeling the steam on your face. It's a great cleanser for skin to get rid of toxins, whilst making you feel revived.

FIVE: Coconut oil is your friend, even in winter. In summer we love to slather ourselves in coconut oil to stay cool and hydrated, but in winter, use it as a cleanser to remove makeup smoothly and easily without irritating your skin. 

SIX: When it comes to skincare products, the cooler weather means thicker, hard wearing products are a must. Look for hydrating products that protect your skin from the elements and are hard wearing so that they lock in moisture for the entire day. Continue with masks and treatments but avoid charcoal and anything that dries on the skin, instead look for rose and cream based products that soothe your skin.

SEVEN: Combating a cold can be a hard task, but adding spices and herbs to your meals is a great way to keep a cold away. I love to add cinnamon to my warm breakfast oats, ginger to my juices and garlic to my dips. Play around with your cooking and look for recipes with fighting powers.