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Moving states for me, basically meant ride or die for my wardrobe, I had to scale down everything to what would fit in a few suitcases and my car. It can become really difficult to declutter sometimes when we have sentimental pieces, designer garments and clothes with tags, just watch the Netflix Doc on Hoarders. So I am here to give you some of my tips and tricks on decluttering, the least painful way possible.

Divide everything into sections and go through these sections one at a time. There is nothing worse than pulling out every thing you own before having to head out, one thing leads to another and your possessions become a floordrobe for the next week. By going through segment by segment it doesn't just make everything less daunting, it actually makes easier to organise how everything will fit back into your wardrobe.

Now let's get to it! When it comes to each section, ask yourself these questions:
1. Do I wear this regularly?
2. Have I worn this in last 6 months?
3. Does this fit?
4. Does this have tags on it? Yes? Then will I actually wear this in the next month?
5. Is it in good condition, in season and my style?

Answered NO to any of those? Time to let those pieces go. 

You've now got that down pat and I'm sure you've now got a floor full of clothes, but now what you ask? It's time to decide what to do with everything. I generally start with anything that isn't in great condition, or pieces that are old and forgotten about, they end up in the bin. Do you have anything that is valuable, with tags or back on trend, these can be sold, so list them on Carousel and eBay, and make a little extra pocket money, which could go towards storage tubs or shoe racks. Anything that is left, can be donated, pop everything straight into garbage bags and in the car, for the Salvos or Vinnies bins.

We always accumulate stuff, it is inevitable, so editing your wardrobe every so often is a great way of knowing exactly what you have and what you need rather than want. When you next go to purchase that silk slip you've been eyeing off for ages, you'll be able to think if it has a spot in your wardrobe, or if you already have three slip dresses in the same dusty pink, it is time to say no.

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Monochrome - FS

TOP: Country Road (similar) | SKIRT: Country Road BLAZER: House of Harlow by Revolve| SHOES: Bassike | CLUTCH: XNihilo

Imagery by Ash Craig