When it comes to travelling, sometimes the hardest part can be what to pack and knowing how much to pack. It definitely depends on your destination, how long you're away for and what you plan to do, but trust me this foolproof guide I've created below, will help you pack like a pro (trust me I live out of a suitcase).

1. Everyone always says to you to pack staple pieces, and yes they are right, but what are the staples that can take you around the world? Denim is your key piece, so a pair of great jeans or 2 and baggy denim cut offs will allow you to dress up or down your pieces, and save you in those moments when you need to travel between different weather zones. A white t-shirt and a white button up shirt will give you countless options of outfits because they can be paired with absolutely anything you've packed and also everything you purchase. Pack a leather jacket for the plane trip to keep warm and a blazer for everyday and you're good to go.

2. Always pack denim, jeans, shorts, shirts, jackets, they will get you everywhere and go with everything. Pack more than one pair of jeans, or shorts because you're guaranteed to wear them, and probably not wash them, unless you somehow have a freezer in your hotel for washing your jeans without washing.

3. A colour scheme or theme is always a great way to start your packing. If it's Winter, then pack blush and black tones and add in a few pops of colour or metallics so that you can layer the right way. For a Summer holiday, prints are always great to mix and match, but pair them back with whites and baby blues for the warm weather vibes, and keep your accessories to tan.

4. Shoes weigh a tonne and take up all of the weight in your suitcase so limit them, think about what you're going to do while you're away. Sneakers are always a must, I always pack a pair for the gym, and a pair of fashionable sneakers that I can wear day to day and still be comfy. I never really pack high heels as they take up too much space, unless I know I'll need them for events or to head out, instead a pair of boots and dressy pair of loafers will be able to get you everywhere from day to day to heading out. When it comes to boots, make them fun, I love to pack a glitter or printed pair just to add that touch of cool to every outfit.

5. Limit your accessories, toiletries and makeup, trust me you wt use it all. My trick is to pack half empty bottles of my shampoos and toiletries so once they're used up you can throw them out and empty out your bag for all that shopping. When it comes to makeup, stick to what you use everyday along with a nude eyeshadow palette. To amp it up, I add a blue eyeliner and a coloured shadow in red or yellow and a red lipstick, just to change up my look for nights out and have the options, without all the kilograms of makeup.

TOP: Lace long sleeve (similar here)| SKIRTSupre (similar here) JACKET: Supre (similar here) | TOTE: Table Tonic Jute Shopper SHOES: Abaala Heel 

Imagery by Ash Craig