M&S block-heel-mule-shoes
M&S plisse-duck-egg-skirt
M&S spotted-double-breasted-blazer

When it comes to Winter styling, for some reason our go-to colour palettes, darken and get moodier, and we forget how uplifting Summer is when we get to wear lighter and brighter colours. Why change our style and opt for black just because the sky is dark? I teamed up with Marks and Spencer to show you how to style your Winter wardrobe to keep it fun, playful and of course warm.

For this look, I kept a simple colour palette of navy and mixed textures, fabrics and prints together to create a look that is not just a simple black outfit, but close enough to those deep moody tones, that it is the perfect outfit for any occasion, (including a Melbourne winter). I started with the Ribbed Polo Neck Jumper in Navy, one to keep me warm, but also to start with a piece that is tight enough, to be able to layer jackets over. There is nothing worse than starting with a baggy tee, when you want to wear a blazer over the top, as it just bunches in the wrong places and calls for a day of constant adjusting. For something that is office appropriate but fun enough to take you on a night out, I added the Plisse Pleated Maxi Skirt in Duck Egg, which is the perfect length for just about any occasion. Add the Spotted Double Breasted Jacket in Navy Mix, to keep the same colour palette going, whilst adding enough difference in the polkadot print that it doesn't blend in with in the Jumper underneath. Add the perfect Block Heel Mule Shoes in Navy to complete the look for the weekend or the office. 

Feeling the chill? The Pure Cotton Trench Coat will be your best friend. The neutral colour will go with everything in your existing wardrobe, the oversized fit is perfect for layering which we know is a must for an Australian winter, and I absolutely love the sleeve detail of navy gingham, which ties the whole look together.

Shop the full look at Marks and Spencer, and make sure to check out their Women's and New In section, which you can find here and here, to keep you ahead of the fash pack.

M&S pure-cotton-trench
M&S ribbed-polo-neck-jumper

JUMPER: Ribbed Polo Neck | SKIRT: Plisse Pleated Maxi Skirt BLAZER: Spotted Double Breasted Jacket SHOES: Block Heel Mule Shoes JACKET: Pure Cotton Trench Coat

Imagery by Ash Craig

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