FS Fur coat
FS Fur coat

My move to Melbourne, was a quick one and not the best timing, weather wise. I arrived just in time for Winter, and coming from Sydney, I am not used to this cold one bit. I've put together a list of ways to survive the Melbourne Winter, and am open to any of your ides, I need all the help I can get.

It's all about the layers
I know that everyone says this and I've said it before but it is true, a jacket is not enough. The second day of living in Melbourne I rushed to Country Road to purchase my first ever wool coat, and yes it is my daily saviour to this day, but I can't just wear a sheer shirt underneath like I normally would in Sydney, if I ever needed a coat, it now means, a sheer shirt, with a blazer, then my coat. The reason for this, yes it is cold, but running around from meeting, to the shops, on and off the tram, it means taking everything off and on again, so having a coat that can be taken off when it's too warm, means you can leave the blazer on to stay warm.

The puffer jacket reigns all
It's about sacrifices, and lucky enough for me, the puffer jacket has become cool thanks to 'gorpcore' the new trend. Moving to Melbourne, meant purchasing a puffer jacket, and in true Georgia style, I did not just purchase a black, foldable one, I went all out and went puffball red. I like to team it with my matching red stockings, or a burgundy stripe pair which are underneath ripped denim (I'll discuss this next), socks with my heels, and my shirt and blazer. Major layering! Back to gorpcore - don't know the meaning? Neither did I until I accidentally started searching for clothes that aren't stylish at all but are just functional and built for sub-zero temperatures. So those big, ugly puffer jackets made cool by fashion bloggers around the world, that's gorpcore so count me in.

Hosiery is a saviour
Never one to wear stockings, I even refused to at school and now at work I choose to wear pants just so I don't have to wear stockings with my skirt, but Melbourne has changed me. We started going to the AFL and for some reason, my denim jeans weren't enough when the wind picked up, so yes as weird as it sounds, I do wear stockings (particularly coloured) under my ripped jeans, basically they keep me really warm, but they do look super cool and give your denim an update.

FS Fur coat

DENIM: Topshop | TEE: Stolen Hearts | COAT: LPA the label RING: Samantha Wills

Imagery by Ash Craig