Let’s be frank here.  

Theres only one coffee scrub in the world I would even think to use, and I’m sure you all know that because it’s blasted across my socials constantly! If I didn’t have to clean the bathroom after use, I would probably just bathe in frank bod 24/7, because let’s be honest, my body is obsessed with his peppermint scent, creamy texture and the way he makes my skin glow after use. 

Now I don’t know if anyone else had this same problem and of course, no offence to frank, but the paper packaging killed me every time, if I accidentally dropped it in the bath whilst juggling my wine in one hand and iPad in the other, streaming Dark on a Saturday night, I’d end up in a bath full of coffee scrub and wet paper. Not ideal! Luckily for me, frank listened, like he always does, and now has a new packaging that matches his beautiful insides.


My favourite, the peppermint scrub is now a minty fresh blue, coconut which comes in a close second is a pastel green, cacao is mauve and the OG coffee frank now comes in dusty Millenial pink.

Now is the absolute best time to try frank if you haven't already, and if you have, then get your hands on the new packaged scrubs. Now that we're well into Summer here in Australia, our skin is definitely not as dry as in winter, but can definitely be damaged from the sun and could do with a good scrubbing. I scrub with frank once a week, sometimes more depending on how my skin is feeling and whether or not I'm tanning or have had a week at the pool or even if I've flown quite a bit, and my skin needs a little extra TLC. Ive detailed the process below on how to scrub with frank, for deliciously healthy skin and you can purchase all the products in their new packaging from here.


Step 1: Rip open the gorgeous new colourful packaging!

Step 2: Get naked! (Can be interchanged with step 1.) 

Step 3: Grab a whole lot of Frank goodness and rub a dub dub. Make sure to use him all over, a little on the face (gently of course) never hurt. 

Step 4: Sing in the shower, watch a makeup tutorial, make a cocktail, do whatever you want for a few minutes.

Step 5: Rinse it off!

Voila! For a little extra body love, massage in the frank bod shimmer tan oil, dab a little frank bod illuminator on to your cheekbones and you’ll be seen from outer space.


In partnership with frank bod.