To kick things off, I thought I’d start with the gifts for the beauty queen, because this is pretty much me. I want to start off this post as well as this gift guide, by explaining a little more about how I create my gift guides. Not one of these posts is sponsored, all imagery I have taken the time to create, because I know how difficult it is to sometimes purchase from websites with stock imagery, and I also wanted to be creative and bring a touch of festive into these posts. I spent majority of October reaching out to brands and PR agencies, to find the newest and best products on the market for December, spent November testing them all out so I could decide which to include and which to not, and now we’ve arrived into December and I couldn’t wait to share all of the incredible products I’ve found that will help you buy for everyone on your Christmas list.

So when it comes to the beauty lover, it should be focused on cult products. Remember the beauty lover already knows their stuff! So as soon as the Christmas collections hit the shelves, look for products you know that person already loves and if it has been released in limited edition packaging. Majority of brands instead of bringing out an entire new collection, will release limited edition colours or packaging, because they know that’s what we all want.

All products linked below.

Kicking it off with Stila, the liquid glitter shadows are a huge cult product and I’m sure most beauty lovers will already have one colour in their makeup bag at home that they’ll whip out for the Christmas party. The latest release see’s a trio gift set with a silver, gold and rose gold, liquid shadow, perfect for creating a multitude of looks. They’re long wearing, super easy to use and extremely versatile, not to mention how stunning the packaging is.

Shop here - Stila 3D Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow Set $36

Fenty Beauty is on the top of everyones lists at the moment, the products are so pigmented, come in crazy cool shades and the long wearing nature of all of the Fenty products is out of this world. The avalanche set, yes is a little exxey, but when you think about it, 7 decent sized pots of pigment would cost almost 3 times more than the gift pack price itself. They’re not eyeshadows, so you use a fraction of the pot, can be used on the eye, as a highlighter, or even on the lip, because they are a loose powder. The colours range from blues, to purples, to pinks, to metallics and can be mixed with each other to create your own colours, used wet for a standout eye, or just added as a touch on the centre of the eye or lip to create dimension. For me I think they’re actually the best value for money just for how much use you will get out of each pot.

Shop here - Fenty Beauty Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set $139

NARS NARS NARS you do it every single year! The packaging, the gift sets, the jumbo sized cult products, and the limited edition colours, they somehow predict exactly what products we’re wanting ahead of time. My pick from the entire collection is the NARS Volume Matte Lip Pencil Set which comes in its own beauty pouch, with four different full sized lip pencils which are my favourite NARS products. As far as lip products go, the pencils are the easiest to use. You can use them free hand for a full coverage lip, with a brush to really blur our the edges, or even with your finger to create a hint of colour. They come in four differing pink - red shades which are perfect for everyday and of course Christmas Day when you feel like rocking a vibrant red. Other highlights from the collection, the blush palette is to die for and don’t forget they make perfect eye shades, the mini blush set is also a perfect gift, and the latest audacious lip shades are truly one of a kind.

Shop here - NARS Spiked Audacious Lipstick $49
NARS Provocateur Eyeshadow Palette $71
NARS Hot Tryst Cheek Palette $86
NARS Volume Matte Lip Pencil Set $66

When it comes to new kids on the block, Marc Jacobs Beauty even though it has been around for quite some time, I just never seem to get past their lip products. But this year I delved further into their products after seeing the See-Quin Glam Glitter Eyeshadow on Rose HW’s beauty website, and I fell in love. The shimmer shades are so pigmented that their lid even has a note to not throw it out, or else you’ll end up with glitter everywhere. They are the perfect party season piece and your beauty lover bestie would absolutely die for the sell out product alone, or paired up with a mascara or lip gloss.

Shop here - Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara $39
Marc Jacobs See-Quin Glam Glitter Eyeshadow (Gleam Girl) $36
Marc Jacobs Omega Shadow Gel Powder (Daddy O!) $42
Marc Jacobs Hydrating Enamoured LipGloss $42

Moving on to another favourite brand of mine, Bobbi Brown is always a Christmas favourite. Every year they somehow create packaging more luxe and products more lustworthy. Every single product in the collection is a product I would purchase, from the highlighter set for your friend who likes to be seen from space, the shadow palettes for those who love to take a neutral eye by day and make it smoky by night, and the lipsticks are just so iconic every single year. I swear Bobbi Brown must spend their year just perfecting the Christmas red lipstick they’re going to be releasing that year.

Shop here - Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte Lip Colour (Fever Pitch & Bold Nectar) $56
Bobbi Brown Highlight & Glow Powder Duo $130

Last but of course not least, is MAC and who doesn’t love a product from Mac. Across the board, this is probably the easiest makeup brand to buy from. Their shade range whether it foundation or shadows or lipsticks is the biggest by far, which makes it so easy to find something for anyone. I recently went to a masterclass with Pinkiee, who discussed how playing with products means you find not only more uses, but better uses too for them. A massive tip was with the retro matte lip colour. They can you be used on the lip of course, on the cheek as a cream blush, or as an eye base for a creamy look, or under shadow. But did you know a peachy coloured retro matte makes the perfect colour corrector for under eye. If you’re buying for the beauty queen who has everything, I suggest you purchase the retro matter lip in rich and restless, and pass on the tip of using it as a colour corrector under the eye, along with all the other uses. Who doesn’t love a product that has a multitude of uses!

Shop here -
MAC Retro Matte Lip Colour (Rich & Restless) $42
MAC Upward Lash $42
MAC Amplified Lipstick (St Germain) $36
MAC Extra Dimension SkinFinish (Snowflushed) $54
MAC Fix+ $36
MAC Liquid Lip (sold out) (similar linked) $34

Major thankyou to Bobbi Brown, Mecca, Max Media Lab & Brand Etc.

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