This has to be one of the most exciting things to happen to Australia .... you can now shop Zara online! *Insert cheers*

I'm hoping you're all as excited as me, and if you're not, when you see the edit at the end of this blog post, I know you will be! I've spent a couple of days scrolling through absolutely every piece on the website and have created your ultimate Autumn/Winter wardrobe, in 20 pieces, from accessories to shoes and everything in between.

I started with tops and in Winter lets be honest, it's a comfortable sweater under a coat, right? So I started the collection with the most comfortable sweater I could find, I selected it in black so that it will go with every other piece in your wardrobe. Add in the linen shirt with tortoiseshell buttons for those days when you want to be a little more chic, but still weather appropriate because it is thin enough to layer, and such a quality fabric that it will be warm indoors. Now it's dresses and jumpsuits. I selected 4 pieces for this section, one dress for work which is a wrap shirt dress, complete with pinstripe and gold buttons, a knitted dress for everyday, a silk dress for dinner events and fancy lunches, and the checked jumpsuit for everything in between, because you can style it over your sweater or the linen shirt, which are both already in your collection. 

Now we come to jackets! A coat to keep you warm, in a neutral colour so it matches everything, and khaki jacket for casual weekends or over your linen shirt and checked pants for a quirky office appropriate look. When it comes to pants, I've got you covered for absolutely every occasion. Black tights with a luxe detail, take your casual day up a notch and when worn under one of the dresses, they can be taken to work. Checked pants will go with the sweater for weekend, or under your shirt for a fancy dinner. When it comes to your wardrobe, you always need a statement piece, but go for a piece that is also versatile and will go the distance. A leather pant is just that! They are chic and can be fun in a colour, but are luxurious and such a long-lasting fabric that they will work their way into your summer wardrobe and continue through to next year. Like leather, denim is always a go-to and I generally select a pair of jeans which are on trend to work into my existing collection, like these flared jeans, which I've just purchased. They're comfortable and can be worn 24/7, whether it with a sweater or shirt, or even layered under a maxi dress for those exceptionally cooler days. I always love a denim dress, because they're so flattering when you select the correct size. Wear it over thick tights or with thigh high boots and it will be your go-to for those days you want to be comfortable but still look chic without trying. 

Now last but not least, your accessories. I went for 5 pairs of shoes, which may seem a lot, but I am such a boot person, I couldn't narrow it down. Theres a checked boot with a small heel for work and to up the ante when worn with your checked pants. The blush pumps are work appropriate and can be worn with socks for brunch on the weekend. Burgundy is your neutral and will go with absolutely every colour, along with the nude boots which are perfect for dressing up your outfit and making each piece look more elegant. And then a statement black boot for when you need to be an absolute girl boss. They'll also be a tonne more comfortable and warmer than all your friends' stilettos at the bar. 

When it comes to bags, you really only need one everyday bag to fit all of your work needs and your laptop, and then a crossbody for when you just need your wallet. I always go with one in tan and one in black and then mix and match depending on my outfit.

Make sure to shop the EDIT below and also my look.

Wearing Zara Double Breasted Blazer, Elka Elyse Dress, Mi Piaci Raisin High Heel and Delphine Libertine Scarf.