SUNRISE AT BENTWOOD visits Bentwood, Melbourne

Bentwood is by far one of my favourite brunch spots in Melbourne and I find myself visiting more than monthly now. Its become one of those places, that when we wake up and decide what we feel like for breakfast, we're always thinking about so many places to try, and always without fail end up at Bentwood just because it is so easy, the service is always incredible and the food so delicious, it's become our home away from home. 

I always switch between the Avo Toast and the Panacotta, because I can never decide, and Nathan always has the Chilli Scrambled, so they're always our favourites. The shakes and smoothies, and of course the hotcakes are always our guilty pleasures when we're needing a little pick me up and feel like straying a little more from our diet.

FSbentwood visits Bentwood, Melbourne