How incredible is the Duomo di Milano? It is beyond gorgeous and is the epitome of Milan. This was my second time in Milan and for me it's a destination that s great for a day or two, or a place to stay, when you're doing day trips to other parts of Italy like Lake Como. Our day in Milan, pretty much ticked off everything on the list and more, and of course you can watch the Italy Vlog here.

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When it comes to staying in Milan, you'll either want to be near the Duomo di Milano, which is the centre of the city, or near a main train station if you are arriving or leaving from by train from another city in Italy. For us, we flew into Milan so staying near a station was perfect for coming from the airport, we also day tripped to Lake Como by train, and then caught the train to Monterosso from Milan, so we wanted to stay somewhere which limited our walking time with suitcases and Reppublica station was a perfect central location and still walkable to the Duomo.


Panini Durini for lunch, was our favourite, we went back several times just to get delicious sandwiches and a coffee for cheap. They also do takeaway which is perfect if you're getting on a train to another city. It's just super simple, fresh ingredients and so well priced.

Via Durini, 26, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

The best restaurant, which we actually found running home in rain and ran into the restaurant looking for somewhere to wait for the rain to stop. Yes it is Japanese, and Japanese in Italy you might all say, but the food is so delicious and fresh, and it was just nice to have something other than pizza and pasta, which if you're like us and don't eat much gluten, eating that much does not make your stomach feel very good. So Temakinho it was, and it was so delicious we found another venue in Rome and went for dinner there as well.

Corso Garibaldi, 59, 20121 Milano

Flower Burger is the best vegan burgers you'll find and they're rainbow colours, so the food is just damn good looking. I highly recommend this place for lunch and it is in such a good area full of restaurants and bars, that you'll be able to scout a great spot for dinner.

Viale Vittorio Veneto, 10, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Another delicious vegan location is Mantra Raw Vegan, full of salads, snacks and takeaway foods. It is a welcomed break from starchy foods, like I mentioned before, so if you find yourself craving a meal like you would have at home, with just a delicious fresh salad, this place is it.

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 21, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

This was a place my boyfriend found, and I am so happy he did. You know those days where you just feel like a piece of toast and some fruit for breakfast or avo on toast with salmon? Then Fancy Toast is the place to go. It does exactly what it says, toast with fruit or avocado, but in a fancy way. Order a couple different toast options and coffee and it is the perfect breakfast. 

Via Alessandro Volta, 8, 20121 Milano MI, Italy


Milan is all about the Duomo, so make sure to head there and see it in all it's glory. Be warned though, the people that work in the ticket office will not help you, so either buy your tickets online or if you do purchase your tickets at the ticket office, purchase entry as well as the upper deck tickets to ensure you can enter the Cathedral, as well as accessing the roof, which is a different entry on the right of the building. Also make sure you have knees and shoulders covered, as you can't enter with your knees showing and will have to purchase a cloth cape to wear over you knees, which is another thing noone will explain to you. If you've been travelling Italy and want a different perspective, then the Art Gallery next door will give you the best view of the Cathedral, without going inside the Church. The Vittoria Emanuelle shopping centre is really beautiful, however it is really expensive and most designer items as well as restaurants are marked up.

Escaping Milan for te day, Lake Como makes for the perfect day trip. We caught the train to Lake Como and had brunch, then my boyfriend cycled to Bellagio, while I caught the ferry, for lunch and afternoon cocktails, which was absolutely beautiful. Bellagio and Lake Como I would love to go back to and stay for a few days as their is so much to soak in.


Wearing Jasmine Dress, Kara Slip on Trainer and Coopers Row Backpack.

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