The glow edit, is my updated skin routine, from new products to old favourites, all here to give you glow, dewy skin, visible from outer space.


The products that pack a punch in my skin routine.
From new found favourite Arcona’s two step cleanse to old favourite Too Faced cream blush, these products make up my everyday routine and are ones I can always rely on. You may have seen my latest Youtube vid, a Sephora first impressions video (
find it here) and noticed my confusion as to what these Arcona products were, and after a little research, I figured out how to use them and now am beyond obsessed. When googling Arcona, I found out that they’re an LA spa which specialises in face contouring (hells yes) and now produce their own incredible products. The Four-o’clock Flower is a gentle face cleanser that calms delicate skin, removes makeup and pollution of course, BUT reduces redness with an ingredient called mirabilis jalapa, which is a flower extract, along with green tea and chamomile that prevent from free radical damage. It is a bit of an all rounder and I’ve been loving using it, especially since this time of year is the worst for my skin! It’s still a little dry from winter, but hay fever affects my skin really badly and gives me excema around my mouth which looks horrible, so this cleanser has been keeping that at bay. I also received the Cranberry Gomage, and for the last month decided to do the two step cleansing process to make sure the products were working at their best. The Gomage uses cranberry and raspberry enzymes, to tone, decongest and brighten, whilst it also exfoliates to unclog and minimise the appearance of pores. I love this step in the process and the cleansing exfoliant is that extra step I need to continuously resurface my skin.

Arcona Cranberry Gommage
Arcona Four-o’clock Flower

Other products that I love as part of my makeup routine is the NudeStix Tinted Blur which is uber lightweight, bendable and when mixed with a liquid highlight creates the more gorgeous veil. I’ve been using the Chanel Tan as a bronzer for a natural glow to give that anti-contouring look, finish with a touch of Too Faced blush.

Chanel Soleil Tanning Base
NudeStix Tinted Blur
Peach My Cheeks Powder Blush in Dream


Filled to the brim with all the good stuff, Go-To is the brainchild of my idol Zoe Foster-Blake. Her products are not only witty in personality and pretty peach in appearance, they’re packed with so much goodness, your skin can’t help but love them. My favourite products are the Face Hero and Lips! of course. Lips! stays all day and is the only balm that keeps my dry lips in check, whilst Face Hero keeps my skin hydrated and glowy so I don’t have to keep topping up with mists. My other favourites, the exceptionoil which is a bit of an everything product, from body, to hair and of course hands and cuticles, the oil soothes and conditions. Not pictured the Silk Pillowcase, because I’m currently laying on it while I write this post, and the Transformazing Sheet Mask, because my second last one is currently on my face, and last one is in the fridge!

Face Hero
Super Handy

BeautyEdit9 (1 of 1)-9.jpg

Want glowing skin without the makeup? It all starts with skin and the more hydrating and brightening the better. Enter Frank Bod of course. Filled with coffee and other incredible ingredients like primrose oil, charcoal and lavender, the natural and cruelty free products are my absolute go-to and are the most reliable products on my vanity that if I ever test any other products and they don’t work as well as I thought they would, I know switching straight back to Frank Bod will immediately bring my skin back to it’s best.

Express-o Coffee Scrub
Magic Shimmer Oil
Anti Drama Face Mask
Anti Angry Face Mist
Everyday Face Moisturiser
Glow Mask

Not pictured the Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil which is in my suitcase (aka, I use it daily)


I won’t lie, I was super sceptical about Iconic London ever since it took over my instagram, with every celebrity using the prep, set, glow product with a ‘kira kira’ filter, and I just never believed a product could really give so much shimmer and glow. BUT I’m now a massive believer, because I’ve been using the prep, set, glow spray for the past month, under my makeup as well as over, and it is life changing. It has the same consistency and staying power as the MAC Fix+, whilst being as hydrating as the Clinique Moisture Surge, but with an added glow and shimmer from all the rose gold particles inside. I’ve also been using the illuminator daily, which I mix with my foundation on the back of the hand, to give my skin a natural looking glow, as well as popping a bit on the high points of my face to give an extra glow. I was so happy with the illuminator, it’s a beautiful consistency, and doesn’t drag your makeup at all, it works so well with the warmth of your fingers just dabbing it onto your skin.

Prep Set Glow
Illuminator in shade original


HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT! The NU Face Trinity is the latest beauty tool to hit the market, and it completely revolutionises the jade roller and every other tool on the market. The facial toning device improves your facial tone, reduces wrinkles and improves facial contour. I’m a little too inexperienced to talk about whether it reduces wrinkles just yet, but I can tell you that I have noticed a huge difference in the firmness of my skin, as well as a massive reduction in puffiness. I’ve been using it every day for 5 minutes a day, for the past 5 weeks and I honestly cannot get over how incredible it is. It is totally worth the investment, and taking 5 minutes out of my day to massage my face has done wonders for my mindset each day. The primer is packed full of hyaluronic acid to plump skin, and when mixed with the toning device which creates micro currents to tighten and contract the skin, the results just speak for themselves.


Stars in your eyes, the new IT palette from the iconic Charlotte Tilbury. For everything from amber shades to rose quartz it is the perfect palette for every day eyes, no matter your mood.

For best face/eye palettes, Charlotte Tilbury takes the cake every time. The newest addition Stars in your Eyes palette which is going to be a sellout without a doubt. The other palettes I love using, the Instant Look palette is my go-to for everyday, and a perfect handbag essential for touching up throughout the day, with everything from a bronze to highlight, and a darker shade to take your eyes next level for night. The Luxury Eye Palettes are a palette that I’m slowly purchasing in each colour combo, because they’re so perfect for travel. I always pack a neutral palette like the Vintage Vamp colour combo for everyday, and then add the Rebel colour combo, so that I have a palette to play with and vary my look whilst I’m away. The Filmstar Bronze palettes are always a daily favourite and a must have!