It comes to this time of year, around Fashion Week in Melbourne, when sometimes you can get a little down with all the pressure. I never really speak negatively or talk about the times where I may not be as happy as I normally am, but I promised all of you, that I would be more open and transparent with you all. I rarely get bad criticism on social media, but I am aware of how often it does happen for others, and it always makes me think how simple life would be if you could delete negativity like we do with harmful comments on our pages.

I wanted to speak a little about how I deal with negativity in my daily life, in light of everything that is happening in the media at the moment, with bullying become a commonality in reality television, and the most recent increase in suicide and harm to those who have received backlash on social media.

Negativity is inevitable and we all have things that get us down personally, that we do not need to transfer our negativity to others or wish harm on anyone else.


Be open.
The devil is hiding everything and keeping it in, so remember to share your thoughts and be open about what your feeling. It helps to keep everything in perspective and think of things in a different light.


Confidence is key.
The more you say YES to and the more you do, the more confident you are. In no means am I extremely confident, there will always be things that get me down. But I’ve learnt in my career, that is ok to turn up to events alone, to speak in front of an audience and to have an opinion. Exuding confidence and showing people that you are happy within yourself, will resonate with them and make them feel more confident too.


Take a moment to appreciate your achievements.
We get so caught up in the moment all the time, and tend to dwell on negativity even though there is a lot more positivity in our life. I like to stop and think about what I have achieved and what I am proud of every so often, to keep everything in perspective.

React positively.

This one is mainly for social media, but would work in life too. When you receive a negative comment, don’t bite, just respond positively. Majority of the time when I respond in a positive way and thank someone for their honest feedback or ask them why they feel that way, they quickly take it back. Social media is a strange world that people forget

is actually real. Majority of negative comments come from people being jealous or negativity in their own life, that they want to put on someone else. They don’t remember that it is a real person they’re talking to and majority of the time get scared and retract their comment.


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