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When you stumble upon a hidden gem, it has to be one of the best feelings. Oppen All Day is new to the Melbourne food scene, and is not only beautifully designed interior wise, but the menu and food is so well thought out, it’s a cafe you’ll spend hours in. From the pre midday cocktail list, through to the breakfast board complete with sukkah crusted avocado and scramble eggs, Oppen All Day in Windsor has quickly made its way to the top of my must visit list.

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Bentwood is by far one of my favourite brunch spots in Melbourne and I find myself visiting more than monthly now. Its become one of those places, that when we wake up and decide what we feel like for breakfast, we're always thinking about so many places to try, and always without fail end up at Bentwood just because it is so easy, the service is always incredible and the food so delicious, it's become our home away from home. 

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