With MFW19 passing by in an absolute blur, I wanted to stop and recap the week that was.

This year, I was extremely lucky to be able to pick and choose what I wanted to attend, which meant I was able to see the shows I really wanted to and skip those that didn’t peak my curiosity.

I wanted though to focus on something a little different and not just trend forecast or show you the shows. This was mainly because all of the garments worn at each show is already available for purchase, so there was nothing overly new on the runway, but also because I was so grateful to be able to wear the outfit of my dreams and remembered how incredible you feel when you dress up from time to time. You tend to forget how that feeling you get and the confidence as well, from wearing an outfit you feel good in.

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly conscious about waste and fast fashion, that we tend to talk most about investment pieces, cost per wear and how to have capsule wardrobe. We forget how fun and enjoyable fashion can be.

The outfit I wore garnered quite a bit of attention, mainly because of the colour, but when you look at each piece individually, yes it may be quite outrageous altogether and was so fun to wear, but it shows that you can wear fun pieces and incorporate them into your wardrobe without feeling guilty about them not fitting into your existing wardrobe.


Above imagery taken kindly by Lucas Dawson Photography.


Let this be a lesson to create, have fun and wear what makes you feel good.

This year lets play with colour, texture and print, and find the one outfit that makes us feel confident and on top of the world.


What I’m wearing.

Top and skirt from Mackenzie Mode.
Russh Western Boot from Mi Piaci.
Raffia Cat Bag from Zara.
Mirror earrings from Gorman. (older style)


(Disclaimer this outfit was loaned from the amazing team at AMPR and Mackenzie Mode)