With Winter well and truly on it's way, it may be time to change your fragrance. Fragrances are personal, they either come with a memory like your ex boyfriend, or old friend, or they create memories, so choose wisely and select what warms to you the most. Smell is the most dominant sense that we have, so why keep your fragrance your same, when you can completely transform your mood.

A change in season is the perfect excuse to spend time smelling your way through a store, my picks and finding a new scent from stores like Diptyque, Jo Malone, Mecca Cosmetica. I always find it empowering and also a way of decluttering when you rid yourself of perfumes you were given 5 years ago as a gift that are too sweet for you. Heading in store, know what you like and don't like, it doesn't have to be specific, it can just be, I like floral and I don't like wood. The whole process is completely personal, but narrowing it down to a few notes you like, 3 brands you love or something you've had previously that you really like, can make the process easier.

When testing perfumes, try them on you skin and let them sit for a few minutes, or go for a walk around and see how it transforms on your skin. I'm sure we've all made the mistake before of purchasing a bottle straight off the shelf after testing it on paper, but I can say that for me, those fragrances I have never actually worn because they smell completely different when worn. In saying that, we can't test every perfume on our skin, so narrowing it down to begin with, can be a life saviour here.

When it comes to selecting a fragrance for Winter, look for a fragrance that will keep you warm, just like how instead of craving champagne and floaty fabrics, we begin to crave mulled wine and leather as the weather gets colder. Notes like sandalwood, patchouli and amber are always comforting and bold to wear.

My Winter wardrobe takes on luxurious textures, deeper tones and needs to bring warmth, therefore I always reach for deep, woody and earthy scents, I wear Diptyque's L'Ombre Dans L'Eau. When I wear all white or lighter colours in Winter, I love to keep things slightly sweeter but still quite deep, so Diptyque's Volute is for me.


Imagery by Ash Craig